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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

SKU: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor er et fantastisk treningsverktøy til både ute og innegolfen. Radaren kobles enkelt til din smarttelefon og her får du video, shot tracer og data på dine slag direkte opp via skjermen på din mobil. Rapsodo har vunnet flere tester og er ekstremt bra treningsverktøy for den ivrige golferen!

Som nevnt kan Rapsodo brukes både innendørs og utendørs. Ved bruk utendørs kreves Iphone 8 eller nyere og til innendørsbruk kreves Iphone XR eller nyere. Det må også være ca  2,5 meter avstand fra der radaren står til nett/vegg ved innendørsbruk. 

MyGolfSpy: "The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is the Best Personal Launch Monitor of 2020. It can be used accurately both indoors and outdoors."

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We are thrilled and honored to announce that the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor was recently named the best personal golf launch monitor for 2020 by MyGolfSpy.

Taking factors around accuracy, user-friendliness, features, portability, price, and metrics into consideration, the MLM beat out other leading brands such as Flightscope, Skytrak, and Garmin – and took the top spot for shot data accuracy.

At Rapsodo, we take our launch monitor data validation seriously to ensure our customers are provided with the most accurate data possible. Compared to other personal launch monitors in similar price ranges, the MLM’s accuracy is unparalleled – never scoring under a 90% rating in both indoor and outdoor settings.

MyGolfSpy also had positive remarks for the MLM in the following categories:


MyGolfSpy stated that the MLM is “the perfect launch monitor to record your swing while getting some data,” which was a main goal of ours during the design process. Our technology turns users’ iPhones and iPads into launch monitors with video – allowing golfers to analyze their form while viewing where and how far their shots went.


All of our users’ data is stored inside their MLM app. With a simple interface and layout, users can easily review and compare session data and shot videos. The MLM app also offers fun features such as Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive games.

MLM App Interface on Iphone and iPad


MyGolfSpy primarily touched on the simplicity and usability of our app interface, however they also gave us high marks for portability. We agree with their statement that “even the most professional launch monitors should be user-friendly,” which is why we designed the MLM and its app to be lightweight, portable, and easy to set up in under 30 seconds.

We’re proud to be named the best personal launch monitor for 2020, and we hope those who become customers enjoy using the MLM as much as we enjoyed designing it.