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XXIO Super Soft X 3 dusin / 36 baller og 100 lange pegger!

SKU: XXIO Super Soft X 3 dusin / 36 baller og 100 lange pegger!

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Kampanje: 3 dusin / 36 baller inkludert 100 lange pegger

XXIO SuperSoft X
Den nye Super Soft X ballen har den mykeste kjernen i XXIO sin golfballhistorie.
Dette er en 3-lagsball med en utrolig myk følelse i tillegg til masse lengde. 

Her er dusinet delt opp i fire farger, du får:
3 stk hvite baller
3 stk rosa baller
3 stk gule baller
3 stk oransje baller

Vanlig pris 1 846,-

Tilbudspris 899,-



Many believe a soft core takes distance away from the golf ball. The new XXIO Super Spft X changes that perception. The low-compression core promotes a high, straight launch with low spin for exceptional distance. The high Trajectory 338 dimple pattern reduces drag for a strong, consistent launch from tee to green. Your beliefs about what a soft golf ball are about to change. Super Soft. Super Long.



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